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Granta Cottages

It’s not unusual to hear horror stories when it comes to building projects. Some take forever, on others the costs spiral out of control & then there are those where the workmanship is poor.

This last one is particularly tricky for the property owner because it’s not always immediately obvious that the job is substandard. It’s usually a year or two down the line that things start to go awry, when the builder may no longer have responsibility for putting things right.

The Granta Cottage build was a straight-forward extension. The project went smoothly & our client was happy with the result. However, on inspecting the finished roof we found that the quality of the slates did not meet the high specification we had ordered. The pyrite content was too high, meaning that the slates would be fine for a number of years but eventually they’d oxidise, potentially causing pitting & cracks until the whole roof failed. We take the quality of our work & our reputation very seriously & this was clearly not acceptable. So we made the decision to replace the tiles at our own expense.